Hanging L-Sit Skills

– Parallel bars: support

– Single-legged knee raise hold

– Single-legged leg raise

– L-Sit

– Active hang

– Single-legged knee raise

– Single-legged leg raise

– Hanging L-Sit


L-sit gymnastics work should see athletes master the P-bars (use DB’s if necessary) before moving to the workout



Benchmark “The Ghost”

EMOM23 for total reps:


Min 1) Row calories

Min 2) Burpees

Min 3) Double-unders

Min 4) Rest


Active: Single-unders

Lifestyle: Burpees to incline, single-unders


Correct legs-hips-arms timing in the drive and arms-hips-legs timing in the recovery phases of row strokes & chest and thighs touching ground to start and fully extended knees and hips with hands touching above or behind head to finish each burpee.