2 minutes bike/row/erg

Lunge steps, calf pumps, bird dogs, air squats, Cossack squats, mountain climbers, Penguin jumps

Shoulder activations (band)

HS holds, pulses and lowers

Floor – HS kip explosions

Floor – kick ups to balance



Skill Development:

Handstand Walking


10 Minutes


·     Building on Progressions

·     Wrist strength

·     Head/shoulder/body position



·   Balance upside down

·   Strength in shoulders

·   Push the ground away


Partner WOD


22 Minute AMRAP


·   Partner A: 150-meter farmers or sandbag carry

·   Partner B: (cycle)

·  5+ Handstand Push-ups

·  30 Double-unders



·   Consistent sets with the Handstand Push-ups