Toes to bar + HS walk volume


E2MOM for 12 mins

1. 10-15 UB toes to bar

2. 25-50ft HS walk


Active: Toes to as high as possible. HS walk next to wall and using foot on wall for stability


Lifestyle: Knee raise

HS walk with feet on a box (rotate around box) or bear crawl

Looking for a large unbroken set so decrease the range of motion before you decrease the reps on the T2B. HS walk or progressions should take no longer than 0:35. 


For Cardio:

Every 2:30 minutes for 25 minutes

10/8 cal sprint on any machine (rotate as desired)


Rx+: 13/10

Active / Lifestyle:

8/6 cal sprint


This is a KILLER when done right. It must be absolute full send, no build up, no holding back, no pacing it. You must absolutely commit to smashing yourself for the full 10/8 calories. It should be a 30 second sprint or less.