Heavy Day

Snatch work and Pressing:


A. Snatch balance

5 sets of 3 (every 2 mins)


5 min rest


B. Every 2 mins 6 mins

3 strict press

Every 2 mins 6 mins

2 push press

Every 2 min 6 mins

1 split jerk


Active for HSPU: abmat

Lifestyle: Pike HSPU or Seated DB strict press


Same pressing as last week in the same time domain so add some weight. We are however going to start out with some speed work under the bar first. In the snatch balance, think about pushing yourself under the bar. Speed is a skill that improves when you deliberately practice going fast, you are not either slow or fast, it is not a fixed skill. It is neuro-muscular patterning that improves over time with the right stimulus aka when you actually try to go fast. Ensure that you use a weight that allows you to spend time going fast.