Gymnastics Conditioning


Skill Stamina: Rings 

Ring Row

Ring Dips (Strict or Kipping)

Ring Muscle Ups



1-6 Ring movements per minute


Today’s gymnastics work sees a shift from skill refinement to capacity-building. Athletes should recognise where they are skill-wise and aim to improve muscular power and endurance relative to that progression.





800m Run

50 Push-ups

Max Wall Walks in remaining time


Rx+: 1000m Run, Wall Facing Handstand Push Up at top of each wall walk rep

Active: 35 Push-ups,

Lifestyle: 4-600m Run, 35 Elevated push-ups, Max scale Wall Walks


The workout should see the run possible inside 5:00 (think a 2-2:15/400m or under athlete), push-ups in repeatable sets of 5+ throughout the entire set and as challenging a wall walk option as possible today!