Dynamic (high knees, butt kicks, grapevines), Scorpions & bird dogs, Air squats with twists & rocks, calf pumps,

Shoulder and hip activations

Penguin jumps

Barbell – back racked backward lateral lunge steps and Bradford press

Burgener warm up (dowel)


Skill Development

Movement Warm-up


·  Power Cleans

·  Burpees over the Bar



· Building cycling speed

· Strong pulls

· Strong leg drive




36 Minute E2MOM

You Go/I Go


·  5 Power Cleans (RX 60/40)

·  6 Burpees over-the-Bar

·  Max Calories (various machines)
Score is Max Calories


Aim for:

·   Building set capacity

·   Fast transitions between movements


Push for:

·   Maintaining max calories across all sets