I have heard some whispers that there are questions about why Kath is a trainer at CrossFit Toowoomba. Firstly, I have never, and I will never, choose trainers based on their physical ability alone. Kath is a trainer for her brain (like crazy super-smart) and her heart. Kath has worked twice as hard to achieve half of the results that most people will get. Since coming to CFT she has been methodical, consistent and positive in her approach to training and achieving the goals she set. She knows what it is like to struggle to achieve things that might come easily to the person standing next to her. But she has never whinged, rolled her eyes at me (maybe once ;-)), cheated reps or tried to take shortcuts. I know she doesn’t have a muscle up, but she cares about each and every one of you that walks in the door and I trust her to look after you.

It is hard for any coach to give cues to stronger, younger, more athletic people. But she knows what good form looks like.
Please be respectful of her not just as your trainer but as a person.