The Whole9 is a Paleo Resource I am proud to be partnered with. CrossFit Toowoomba is an official partner of The Whole9 which allows ME to reprint The Whole30 Guide, which is subject to copyright, for members taking part in 30 day strict paleo challenges.

ALL information in the guide is for your personal use only. Please respect that I have paid a licence fee and signed legal documents for this product, yet I reprint this free of charge to CrossFit Toowoomba members only. All of my posts, emails, written words and advice are for personal use – it is breach of copyright to pass on to third parties outside of CrossFit Toowoomba.

Thankyou for your understanding. Lets keep forging ahead as a respectful community ensuring information and resources remain available for us all to learn at CrossFit Toowoomba, whilst ensuring that my legal obligations to The Whole9 are respected.

Regards, Jo