I would like to welcome all the new people this week (and all the oldies back from holidays) – and there are lots of you.

CrossFit doesn’t just build muscle, stamina, endurance etc. It builds backbone. You start to pick up heavy things, move faster, and do more work. But more importantly at each session, you are practicing to get better at this with your own mental strength. The trainers will fix your form and will provide feedback as required, however the intensity you bring to each workout is yours alone. And on any given day that may vary.

For the finish-first’ers: I know it’s tempting to ‘help’ people who are still working to ‘pick-it-up’. However, they’ve done the first 200 reps under their own steam – so please don’t steal their thunder in their last 10 reps. High fives and ‘that was awesome!’ can abound after.

For the “here-for-a-long-time-not-a-good-time” peeps (yes that was intentional), please be assured that you are welcome to just keep plugging away and get the job done. There is no pressure to have a fast time. It’s up to you to get faster next time. Even while we are watching, we know you are figuring out reps and doing your best.

However, when you are performing a workout as a team or a pair or in a competition then you can encourage and tell them to move all you like.