Heavy Day

For load


A. Primer

5 min EMOM

1 hang power clean + 1 hang squat clean

Start with an empty barbell, add weight each round


B. 20 mins to find you 1RM Clean, athlete’s choice.


C. 10 min EMOM

17/14 Machine Cals

Rest on Min 4 and Min 8


Optional D. If you aren’t about the heavy lift  try a 20 min version of Mikos Triangle.

20 min EMOM

Min 1: x Cals Ski

Min 2: x Cals Row

Min 3: x Cals Echo

Min 4: Rest




Let’s test. Everyone will warm up with the same primer and you will then be given 20 mins to find your 1RM clean. Power or squat, athletes choice. Finish with a quick burst of cardio if you need it. Part B is the focus and do part C if you would like to at the end, there will be time.


If you’re not keen on a 1RM then do the technique piece the 20 version of Mikos triangle.