Skill Stamina: Pistols


Every 90 seconds x 6 rounds:

5-10 Pistols ES


Athletes should recognise where they are skill-wise and aim to improve muscular power and endurance relative to that progression, which will in-turn improve their capacity including to progress further towards the Rx’d movement in the future.


4 x 3-minute Rounds for Reps:

20 Shuttle runs 25ft

20 Wall balls 9/6kgs to 10/9ft

Max toes-to-bar in remaining time

*Rest 1:30 between rounds


Rx+: 12/9kgs

Active: 6/4kg, Hanging leg raises

Lifestyle: 14 Shuttle runs,  hanging knee raises


The workout should see shuttle runs possible inside a minute when fresh, wall balls possible in an unbroken set when fresh and as challenging a toes-to-bar option as possible today.