For load:

10×1 Strict presses

*Perform a new set every 1:15

*Increase to a 1RM

Today’s session starts off with an interval timer of strict presses, increasing by small increments (due to the large number of rounds) each round towards a new 1RM. All skill levels should be able to find this heavy single for today, provided the concepts of midline stabilisation and balance about the frontal plane are held in high regard by everyone.


14 Min AMRAP:

2, 4, 6, 8 etc.:

Handstand push-ups


Box jump-overs 30/24”


Rx+: Strict HSPU

Active: Box pike HSPU, Hanging leg raises, 24/20”

Lifestyle: Pike HSPU, Hanging knee raises, 20/16”


The workout should see the most challenging options possible for both handstand push-ups and toes-to-bar for even a couple of reps. Today’s format allows athletes to work at their own pace and develop some exposure to new movements. The box jump-overs however should be conservative and allow constant movement even into the round of 10 and beyond.