Benchmark WOD “Linda”


10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Reps for time:

Deadlifts 1 ½ BW

Bench press BW

Squat clean ¾ BW


Active: DL BW, BP ¾ BW, SQ CL ½ BW


Lifestyle: DL ¾ BW, BP ½ BW, SQ CL ⅓ BW


Time cap: 26 mins


Today’s Benchmark workout “Linda” is a test of strength at the surface level, but looking deeper is a test of muscular and cardio-respiratory endurance. If weights can be moved for sets of 5+ on the deadlifts and bench press and in fast singles on the squat cleans, and if the athlete understands the kinesthesis of a neutral spine and bailing safety and there can safely lift under fatigue, then Rx’d should be the goal today. Otherwise, athletes should scale to be able to complete the above and much more! There are a total of 88 transitions in this workout, so athletes should always move with purpose to their next task!