5 Rounds for time in a partnership:

25 min cap

100 Double-unders (split)

9 Power Cleans 43/30kg (sync)

30/24 Calorie Echo bike (split)

9 S2OH (sync)


Rx+: 52/35kg

Active: 35/25kg, 60 Double-unders per round

Lifestyle: 30/20kg, 100 Single-unders per round


Today’s partner workout should see at least one athlete in the team able to perform 50+ (half the chosen amount) double-unders unbroken, both athletes able to perform power cleans and S2OH in 1-2 sets across rounds, with potential for pauses at the finish position while waiting for other athlete to meet the sync point, and calories in under 2:00 as a team across rounds with their chosen strategy.