Handstand Walking Skills


Advanced: During skill development session, perform E2MOM10:

25-50ft handstand walk with pirouette or obstacle every 25ft


Handstand walking skill work


20 min AMRAP:

50ft Handstand walk

50/40 Calorie row

12 Dual DB Shoulder to overhead 22.5/15kg

25 Ring dips


Rx+: 360° Pirouette every 25ft

Active: 25ft HSW or 40 Alt. shoulder taps in wall walk, 17.5/12.5kg DB, 20 Ring dips

Lifestyle: 4 Wall walks, Wall Walk progressions or Bear Crawl, 15/10kg DB, 15 Toe-assisted box dips


Shoulder-heavy AMRAP allowing athletes to practise new skills whilst simultaneously developing cardio-respiratory endurance.