10min EMOM:


10 Sets for load

1 Hang power clean

+ 1 Power clean

*Perform a new set EMOM.



Today’s lifting should see Active and Lifestyle lifters working with light loads and master the basics of both movements. Rx athletes can progress across rounds to a heavy complex for the day.



5 x 2-minute Rounds for Reps:


18 Box jumps 24/20”

2 Rope climbs 15ft

Max power cleans 43/30kg in remaining time

*Rest 1:00 between


Rx+: 52/35kg

Active: 20/16”, 1 Rope climb 15ft

Lifestyle: 12 Jumps to plate, 4 floor-to-standing, 25/20kg



Options should see very conservative box jump and rope climb reps that allow: 30+ on power cleans on not just the first round, but all rounds. Power cleans should be light and allow touch-and-go reps even under heavy fatigue.