Ring dips

1. Inverse tabata ring support (10 sec on 20 sec off x 8)

2. Slow negatives x 10-15 reps (keep shoulders away from ears)

3. 5 min: every 30 seconds 1-5 strict ring dips


Today’s upper body strength work should see challenging yet unbroken sets, according to fatigue and maintaining a full range of motion.


3 Rounds for time:

21 Toes-to-bar

21 Deadlifts 84/55kg

21/16 Calorie Row/Ski


16 Min Cap


Rx+: 93/61kg


Active: Hanging leg raises, 61/43kg, 18/14 Calories


Lifestyle: Hanging knee raises, 43/30kg, 15/12 Calories


The workout should see toes-to-bar in 1-3 sets across rounds today, which may lead athletes to scale back in difficulty compared to previous weeks. Deadlifts should also be in 1-3 sets across rounds and represent no more than 60% 1RM. Row/Ski calories should be possible inside 1:00 today, though pacing during the workout is up to the individual!