6 Sets for load:

1 High-hang squat snatch

+ 1 Hang (above knee) squat snatch

+ 1 Squat snatch

*Perform a new set every 1:30


Today’s lifting should see beginner and intermediate lifters perfecting the mechanics with lighter loads, whilst experienced lifters may increase across sets to a heavy but sub-maximal complex for the day.



4, 8, 12 etc…

Kettlebell front squats 24/16kg

4, 8, 12 etc…

Kettlebell hang snatches

40, 80, 120 etc…



Rx+: 32/24kg


Active: 20/12kg, 20, 40, 60 etc. double-unders


Lifestyle: 16/8kg, single-unders


The workout should see weights that allow 12+ unbroken squats and 6+ unbroken hang snatches on either arm. Double-unders may be challenging today given the AMRAP format, but Rx’d reps should be reserved for athletes with 40+ unbroken double-unders when fresh. Athletes with 10-20 double-unders should attempt the Active workout today.