Skill Stamina: Handstand Push-ups


Every 1:30 x 8 Sets: 5-15 Handstand push-ups

*Rx+ = strict HSPU


Today’s gymnastics work sees a shift from skill refinement to capacity-building Sets should be unbroken in early, if not all rounds today. Aim to exceed set size compared to 5/1/24.  




For time 10 Min Cap:

32-24-16 Alternating DB hang clean-and-jerks 22.5/15kg

16-12-8 Burpee box clear-overs 24/20”


Rx+: 32.5/22.5kg

Active: 17.5/12.5kg, 20/16”

Lifestyle: 15/10kg, 18/12” bench or PVC supported on bench


The workout should see weights that athletes can move easily for 10+ alternating reps, considering the coordination-heavy movement. Box heights should be conservative such that athletes can always complete reps without hesitation. If athletes have never cleared a box before, a useful progression can be a PVC supported on a box to remove the depth-of-jump