For load:

10 x 1 Snatches

*Perform a new set every 1:15

*Increase to a 1RM


Today’s sessions starts off with an interval timer that should see experienced athletes starting at approximately 50% and increasing in pre-planned jumps towards a 1RM. Beginner lifters should keep weights light today and focus on improving major and minor mechanics.


For time:

12 Squat snatches 50/40kg

150 Double-unders

9 Squat snatches 60/45kg

120 Double-unders

6 Squat snatches 70/50kg

90 Double-unders


Time cap: 13 minutes


Rx+: 70/50-80/55- 90/60kg

Active: 40/35-50/40- 60/45kg, 120-90-60 Double-unders

Lifestyle: 30/20-35/25- 40/30kg (Power snatch + overhead squats), 180-150-120 Single-unders


The workout should see weights that represent 50, 60 & 70% of the 1RM for the day, rounded to easy numbers to load. Skipping options should allow 1-3 sets per round and as such reps should be reduced or changed to single-unders to maintain this capability.