For time in a partnership:


Buy-in: 400 Double-unders


3 Rounds:

50ft Dual DB front-rack lunge, each 2×22.5/15kg

12 Dual DB hang squat cleans, each

9 Dual DB devil’s presses, each


Rx+: Drag-rope double-unders

Active: 300 Double-unders, 2×17.5/12.5kg

Lifestyle: 400 Single-unders, 2×12.5/7.5kg


A fun partner workout utlising you-go-I-go movements as opposed to rounds.

Today’s partner workout should see options that allow each athlete to perform ⅛ of the work before requiring a switch (e.g. for the full 400, 50 double-unders unbroken) and weights that allow 25ft unbroken of lunges, 1-2 sets on hang squat cleans and continuous, unbroken Devil’s presses whereby athletes don’t need to let go of the DB’s.