8 sets for load:

3 Push presses

+ 2 Push jerks

+ 1 Split jerk

*Perform a new set every 1:15


Today’s lifting should see beginner and intermediate lifters perfecting the mechanics of the three movements with lighter loads, whilst experienced lifters may increase across sets to a heavy but sub-maximal complex for the day.


5 x 2-minute Rounds for Reps:

12 Burpee box jump-overs 24/20”

Max shoulder-to-

overheads 52/35kg in remaining time

*Rest 1-minute between rounds


Rx+: 61/43kg

Active: 9 Burpee box jump-overs, 43/30kg

Lifestyle: 9 Burpee box step-overs 20/16”, 35/25kg


The workout should see BBJO inside 1:00 across all rounds, allowing 1:00 on shoulder-to-overheads with light-moderate loads that allows sets of 10+ when fresh. Athletes should set the precedent with round 1 and then aim to match or improve across rounds.