5 sets for load:

3 Dead-stop deadlifts

3 Weighted strict chin-ups

*Perform a new set every 2:30


Today’s lifting should see challenging and unbroken sets across, eliciting a strength adaptation. “Dead-stop” means that athletes reset and re-engage at the floor.


CFK Benchmark “Iron Lady”

9-15-21-27 Reps for time:

Chest-to-bar pull-ups

Sumo deadlift high-pulls 43/30kg


Rx+: 52/35kg

Active: Chin-over-bar pull-ups, 35/25kg

Lifestyle: 9-12-15-18 Reps: Jumping C2B pull-ups, 20/15kg


The CFK benchmark “Iron Lady” should see C2B and SDLHP options that allow repeatable sets of 5 for Rx’d or sets of 3 for Option 2 reps. Mental fortitude alongside physical fitness will be critical in today’s increasing rep-scheme!