For time 30 min cap:

800-600-400m Run

20–15–10 Deadball Ground to Shoulder 55/35kg

30-20-10 Burpee box jump-overs 24/20”


Rx+: 30/24”

Option 1: 35/25, 20/16”

Lifestyle: 600-400-200m Runs, 20/12kg, 20-15-10 BBJO 20/16” (step-overs allowed).


Today’s aerobic capacity workout should see athletes able to run all distances without stopping, deadball weights that allow quick singles whilst still being challenging and burpee box jump-overs that can be performed at a minimum rate of 8-10 per minute utilising conservative box jump options, else reps should be scaled. A steady start pace and keen cardio-respiratory endurance awareness will lead to success today!