For Load

6-6-4-4-2-2 Overhead squats

*Perform a new set every 2:00


Today’s lifting should see beginner lifters learning and mastering the fundamentals with lighter weights whilst intermediate and advanced athletes may start at approximately 60% 1RM and increase across sets to a heavy set to finish the day.


For total time:

2 Rounds:

24 Wall balls 20/14lbs to 10/9ft

24 Double-unders

8 Overhead squats 61/43kg


*Rest 2:00


1 Round:

48 Wall balls

48 Double-unders

16 Overhead squats


Rx+: Drag-rope double-unders, 75/50kg

Active: 14/10lbs, 52/35kg

Lifestyle: 10/8lbs, 43/30kg


Decreasing rep overhead squats into a two-part workout including wall balls and double-unders that will test an athletes metal mentally and physically.