1. Coaching is reserved for insured and paid staff.
2. There is a difference between encouragement and coaching.
3. “Awesome squat” is a judgement of form. Do not do this.
4. “Awesome effort” is encouragement. You can do this AFTER someone has finished.
5. If this is the second time you’ve been asked to respect my rules then take this as: “You are on my radar”.
6. Do NOT take away someone else’s sense of self-achievement during a workout.
7. Slower or weaker or older etc DOES NOT mean they are putting in less effort than you.
8. I am 100% certain that everyone who trains at CFT already know that they can pick it up.
9. Everyone at the box has their own history and circumstances – unless you know them personally – let them finish themselves.
10. Take me for example, I’ve been through a divorce, given birth to four babies, I’ve lost babies, I’ve been through the personal pain of being cut from regionals with shitty handstand pushups in front of a crowd of thousands, and live streamed to the world. No offence, but I can finish the workout on my own – as I would like everyone be afforded the privilege to do so.
11. Who are you to decide when someone should push harder? People can manage their own intensity.
12. And only one of you pointed out my “speling” mistake…;-)