200m row/run/ride/erg

Calf pumps, Mountain climbers, bird dogs

Air squats w. thoracic twists.

shoulder activations (dowel)

Scap pull ups & lat pull backs into straight leg raises and toes to bar

Burgener warmup (barbell)



Strength Development

Pausing Front Squats


5 Sets of 5 (2 sec pause)

@ 2 minutes/set

50% 1RM Back Squat


Aiming for:

· Engaged core

· Strong rack position

· Strong Leg drive





3 Rounds For Time:

19 Minute CAP


“This looks interesting?”


·    25 Snatches (RX 50/35 Kg)

·    20 Back-racked barbell forward lunge steps

·    15 Burpees over-the-Bar

·    400-meter Run


Aim for:

·    Strong drive/pulls with the snatches

·    Braced core for the lunges

·    Good pace for the run.