Dynamic (lunges and spidermans)

Calf pumps, Bird-dogs, air squats, mountain climbers,

Shoulder activations (dowel)

Scap pull ups, lat pull backs.

Ring holds, lowers, rows



Strength Development

10 Minute EMOM


1st Min: Ring Rows


2nd Min: Bar Dips



·   shoulder strength & mobility

·   Core Stability




8 Rounds For Time:


20 Minute CAP


·   8 Ring Dips OR 4 Bar Muscle-ups

·   6 Box Jump-overs (RX 24”/20”)

·   12 Kettlebell Swings (RX 24/16 Kg)

·   24 Double-unders


How to achieve consistency:

·   Aim for unbroken rounds

·   Unbroken rounds doesn’t mean push yourself to failure it means break it to suit your abilities but keep working no long pauses

·   Walk and breath between movements

·   Know yourself and have a strategy