200 metre run

Calf pumps, Boot strappers Scorpions, bird-dogs Shoulder & hip activations with a band

Mountain climber compl.

Air squats with T-twists

Tyre flip demo and practice

Burgener – warm up your bar


Memorial WOD




In memory of Rhodri Thomas (35) member of CrossFit Aberdeen


Passed away: 11/04/2013 from Cancer


For Time (in Team of 3)


5 Rounds of:


·      33 Power Cleans (RX 80/60 Kg)

·      12 Tyre Flips

·      420-meter Team Run



·      129 Burpees



Team work:

·      Have a captain to count you in … 3, 2, 1, flip

·      You can break up the work to suit … if

“U-go; I-go; They-go” you can pick from the heavier end of your weight range – you ARE stronger than you think!



·      Maintain your form and have strong pulls, big shrugs and fast elbows on the Cleans