200m row/run/ride/erg

Calf Pumps & boot strappers,

Bird-dogs, Fire hydrants,

Air squats w. thoracic twists and ankle rocks, Cossack squats. mountain climber complex. Wall circles and wall facing squats.

Active hang on the rig.

Burgener warm-up


Movement Warm-Up


10 minutes


· Power Cleans

· Front Squats

· Push Jerks

· Burpees over-the-bar


Partner WOD


32 Minute E2MOM

“YG/IG Format”


Focus: Metabolic Conditioning


In 2 minutes complete


·   3 Power Cleans (RX 40/30 Kg)

·   3 Front Squats

·   3 Push Jerks

·   3 Burpees over-the-bar

·   Max Calories in remaining time

Rest 2 minutes while your partner works


Score is total Calories


Go hard:

·      Unbroken bar complex

·      Push hard on the calories – you know you can recover whilst your partner works (2 min)