Dynamic (high knees, butt kicks, lunges, grapevines)

Calf pumps, boot strappers,

Air squats with twists & rocks

Torquing of elbows

Shoulder activations – band:

Pull-a-parts, push-ups, sword pulls, (on rig) face pulls.

Prone snow angels

5/10kg plate halos

On rig – reverse grip hang

Ring rows, penguin jumps



Skill Development


10 Minute EMOM


·  1st Min: Ring Push-ups (toes or knees)

·  2nd Min: Straight arm DB overhead arm raises





20 Minute AMRAP


·   3 Ring Muscle-Ups OR 9 Ring Rows

·   9 Sit-ups OR GHDs

·   27 Double-unders




·   Fast Consistent Sets

·   Short recovery time between sets