200m row/run/ride/erg

Calf pumps, M/climbers and Air squats w. twists & rocks

Ankle mobility – duck walk, emu walk

Banded shoulder activations

Dowel back racked – crossing backward lunge step symmetry



Strength Development:

Strict Pull-ups/Inchworms


10 Minute EMOM


·  1st Min: Strict Pull-ups

·  2nd Min: Inchworms



·     Building pull-up volume, lat strength

·     Flexibility in hinging at the hips




For Time


16 Minute CAP




·    Pull-ups

·    Box Jumps (RX 24”/20”)

·    100 Meter Run at the end of each set



·   Unbroken sets – pull-ups

·   Explosive leg drive for box jumps

·   Pacing