200m row/run/ride/erg

Calf pumps, boot strappers

Banded glute and shoulder activations

Air squats with a plate; ankle rocks and thoracic twists

M/climbers into burpee squats




Movement warm-up


10 Minutes


· Ankle flexion

· Shoulder activation

· Elbows forward

· Bum back and down

· Bring Sally Up – Squats






CrossFit Mayhem Benchmark


For Time


15 Minute CAP


·   Tabata Back Squats (RX 42½/30 Kg)

·   20 sec Work/10 Sec Rest

·   Continue until 100 Back Squats are completed

·   May use squat rack or hold in the back rack position

·   DO NOT sacrifice form for speed!!!



Recovery 100 Calories OR

1 Mile Run



·   Consistent Sets

·   Challenge yourself