Warm up:

Dynamic warm up

Shoulder rehab/prevention

Banded shoulder stretches

Y’s, U’s and W’s.

Strength development:

Warm up your ring pull ups, ring dips, L-sits

Part A

3 rounds:

5 x ring pull ups (kipping)

5 x ring dips

15 second L-sit with rings

(athletic – double numbers)

Part B

12 min EMOM (Athletic Wear Vest):

Min 1 – 6 strict pull-ups

Min 2 – 6 hollow rocks & 6 V sit

Min 3 – 12 Chest to bar

Min 4 – Rest

Part C

Sprint relay:

With a partner run 1.6k in 200m relay sprints


6 rounds:

Single arm overhead dumbbell lunges – rig length

10 GHD sit-ups