WOD – Monday 11 June 2018


N.B. We are going back to 5s this week!!!!!!!! then the count down to 1RM begins!!!!!!! 2 July is CF Total day.

10 x 5 Add approx 2.5-5kg from your last 10 x 5

The process is to increase weight as the reps decrease as the weeks go on. The ultimate goal in 12 weeks is to PB your 1RM Back Squat.

*There will be a 3 Minute rest period in between Squats.

*In that 3 Minute rest period you may do:

-A near max set of strict pull-ups after one set of Squats.
-A near max set of Ring Dips after the next set then swap again for the next set, alternating between those two movements.
– You may do HSPU if you feel that is a weakness of yours.
– More advanced athletes may do sub maximal sets of Ring Muscle-Ups, noting that space will be tight due to Squat bars on racks.

Use any remaining time for handstand walking practice and progressions.