10 x 4 Add approx 2.5-5kg from last week.

The process is to increase weight as the reps decrease as the weeks go on. The ultimate goal in 12 weeks is to PB your 1RM Back Squat.

*There will be a 3 Minute rest period in between Squats.

*In that 3 Minute rest period you may do:

-A near max set of strict pull-ups after one set of Squats.
-A near max set of Ring Dips after the next set then swap again for the next set, alternating between those two movements.
– You may do HSPU if you feel that is a weakness of yours.
– More advanced athletes may do sub maximal sets of Ring Muscle-Ups, noting that space will be tight due to Squat bars on racks.

Use any remaining time for handstand walking practice and progressions.