I am going to do a trial change of the evening sessions as of Monday 29 October 2012. This means that:
* the start time is the start time
* the scheduled warmup will commence at start time i.e. if you are early, you may run around the block, but not enter the premises until the previous class has completely finished their session.
* at the completion of the session, all athletes must make room for the next class.

BUY A GYM BAG. PUT SHIT IN IT. BE AWESOME. (Thankyou CrossFit Aeon for that advice).
I think it is also important that you start to take care of your hydration, nutrition and hygiene at the box.
Here is a small list to start with:
Water bottle
Pre-WOD snack
Post-WOD snack
Shoes & spare kit
Long Socks
Wrist wraps
Pullup grips
Rigid strapping tape and scissors
Training Journal (and food diary)
Skipping rope