PLEASE NOTE: My apologies in advance but there is NO 1pm session today.

Power Clean 3-3-3

Then…using 80%
Power Cleans
Bar Facing Burpees

P.S. I know Wednesday is usually quieter but did you not come ‘cos of the muscle ups? I’m like Santa, keeping a list haha. Don’t worry, they’ll come around again soon…mwaahaahaaa

Things to worry about AFTER you have a 1000 pound Crossfit Total, a Sub 3:00 minute Fran, and a sub 35:00 min Murph:

Should I wear Skins?
Should I take the Progenex Whey Protein or L-Glutamine?
Should I visualize my WODs before I do them?
Should I limit my exposure to potentially estrogenising plastics?

Things to worry about BEFORE then:
Did I eat Paleo today?
Did I sleep 8+ hours?
Did I work hard without being stupid at the WOD today?
Did I try to eliminate the things in my life that cause me stress?