Squat snatch 42kg / 30kg
Chest to bar pull-ups

P.S. During the School Holidays, the 9am session will change to 8am.

SQUAT SNATCH – Thankyou CrossFit Brisbane and CrossFit Fort Meade for the image and information.

So check it out, here’s a world class lifter executing a 207 pound snatch. A few key points:

– look at Min Jae Kim’s back angle in pics 2, 3 and 4. Pretty close to the same all the way throughout. That’s what you want until the bar is over your knees.

– The more astute Crossfitters will have noticed his back position in pic 1 and how his hips are below his knees. That’s just the setup. A lot of lifters, myself included will dip all the way down and then rise into the lift, but not under load. Nevermind that little guy…

– Pics 5 through 7, once the bar is over the kees and things speed up. Look at the extension. Pay particular attention to pic 8; see how he’s up on his toes, knees open, hips open and shrugged? Also what you want to strive for. That’s the fast part of the snatch (and clean) and one of the hardest things to get right. It takes a HIGH degree of timing and coordination. Shoot for that, but be patient. It won’t come fast.

– Check out pic 9. That’s right after the start of the third pull, the one that takes him under the bar.

– Now look at pic 10, and pay close attention to (a) the height of the bar and (b) the depth he’s hit. The bar is hovering there and he’s diving under it. The bar dips slightly in pic 11, that is solely due to him nailing a very deep receiving position.

Don’t sweat getting that deep, this is a world class athlete going for a very heavy lift in judged competition. He’s more elite than aaaaallllll of us put together. Finally, understand that these 12 pics took place in less than one second.

The snatch is a fast, complicated lift, but at the end of it all the snatch can and should be a FUN lift, so play around at whatever weight you can handle and have some fun!